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A challenge for everyone

The CRYO Races are a truly one-of-a-kind event in which runners, cross-country skiers and fatbike enthusiasts get the opportunity to cross Lac Saint-Jean during winter. On February 18, 2023, cyclists and skiers warming in the rising sun or runners guided by the beam of their headlamps will find themselves in the middle of a sea of ice and as they face the physical and psychological challenge of this crossing. On mechanically groomed trails, they will be supervised and supported throughout their icy adventure. There are four events to choose from: 37 km* Crossing running race, the 13 km* Micro-CRYO running race, the Fat-Lac!, a 34 km bike crossing and the Ski-Lo!, a 34 km cross-country skiing crossing event.

While the races are being run on the lake, some participants will be living a similar challenge at the place and the distance of their choosing in the CRYO TO GO.

Whether on Lac St-Jean or at home, all participants have the same goal: to support the On the Tip of the Toes Foundation.

* The planned routes will be 36 – 38 km and 12 – 14 km, the exact distance to be confirmed at the beginning of February, when trail grooming begins. Moreover, some detours may be necessary to avoid certain areas due to unpredictable weather conditions.


Since 1996, the On the Tip of the Toe Foundation has organized more than 65 therapeutic adventure expeditions for young people living with cancer. Much more than outdoor adventures, these excursions offer participants an opportunity to meet other young people who share the same realities.

The On the Tip of the Toe Foundation aims to help young people rebuild self-esteem and restore their hope in life by presenting them with challenges and helping them to meet those challenges. By participating in extraordinary expeditions to the extent of their abilities, these young people discover new horizons.



Running in the winter is not the easiest! We face the darkness, the cold, the wind that pierces our clothes, the slush and even the ice. It’s both physically and psychologically demanding, and it takes a lot of mental strength. Motivated by the courage and determination shown by young people living with cancer, runners will have to brave the elements to achieve the challenge.




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