CRYO Races are a truly unique event in which we offer runners and ultra-trail runners the chance to cross Lac Saint-Jean in the dim light of winter. Illuminated by their headlamps, the participants will find themselves in the middle of a sea of ice as they face the physical and psychological challenges of this crossing.

Each participant has committed to raising funds for the On the Tip of the Toes Foundation, which helps young people with cancer regain their well-being. In all, 200 people will have the chance to accept this big challenge in 2022, from which, 100 will tackle the winter crossing of lake St-Jean!

Three events are on the program: the youth race, the 10km and the classic 32km crossing of the lake. When you complete your registration, you will have to pay the participation fee to start your fundraising campaign. Our team will be at your disposal until February 18th to help you reach your goal!


Lake St-Jean crossing: $ 100 upon registration and $ 1000 in donations
* Receipts for tax purposes may be issued according to the conditions of the foundation. Only participants who have completed their fundraising campaign will be able to start.

32 km 

The 32 km adventure begins just before sundown. Participants then run the distance on a groomed and well-marked track with several refuelling points along the way. Under a starry sky, with only the sound of their footsteps in the snow, participants will live an experience like no other!

This event is for experienced runners who are used to travelling long distances and who will be able to cross the various filling stations in the respect of the times. You will have to show us during registration that you have the necessary experience to face the lake!

Date: To be announced
Shuttle: 2pm
Start of the 32km: 4pm
Maximum time to complete the event: 5h00*

*Split times are subject to change based on conditions on the day of the event. The distance may vary slightly depending on the choice of route that is made by the organization once the required minimum thickness of the ice has been reached.