Fundraising Tips

  • Set a fundraising goal, then decide to stick to that goal OR to be daring and raise even more before the event.
    Update your participant profile.
  • Clearly explain your motivation for participating. Research indicates that participants who share a personal story and maintain their personal page earn 9.5 times more.
  • Make a personal donation of an amount which would elicit a “WOW, what a generous gift!” » if someone else was the donor. Research shows that self-donors raise an average of 3.5 times more.
  • Draw up a list of people to contact from each of your networks: friends, family, acquaintances, neighbors, co-workers, professional contacts, sports partners, classmates, service providers.
  • Determine the best method to reach each person according to the table below.
  • Call five loved ones to ask them to give a gift equivalent to yours.
  • Create a short-term goal. For example, “Today I am trying to raise $500 and I need your help! “.
  • Save your personal page in your favorites so you can send it quickly to someone you come across by chance.
  • Share the progress of your physical preparation with your network.
Some creative fundraising approaches
  • “I am 46 years old and I am taking on a major challenge. I am asking for donations of $46.”
  • “I’m going to run 36 kilometres. My goal is to raise $3600.”
  • “I will make about 30,000 steps during my crossing. My goal is to raise 10 cents per steps, or $3,000.”
  • “I am asking for donations as gifts for my birthday, Christmas or other event.”
Who to ask for donations

This chart will help you target the right networks.


Use this wallpaper for your video meetings
Show an image of what to expect on the lake crossing
Create a profile picture in the colours of cryo races by dragging your picture onto this template.
Customize and print your own poster in cryo race colors
Collect donations in cash if necessary, then print and complete this donation form and bring it to us the day of the event!
Share with your community!

Do you express yourself well and want to talk about your involvement in your community? Download this press release, complete the fields in yellow and ensure a clean layout. Then send it to your local media to promote your involvement!

* The organizers of the CRYO Races are not responsible for activities carried out independently by event participants.

Do you have other questions? We’re here to help!

We are here to support you in your fundraising! If you have a specific questions or needs, contact us at!