Frequently asked questions

What are the physical abilities needed to complete the Crossing?

The Crossing is a demanding test; only seasoned runners can participate. Running 33 km is a realistic challenge for many, but the important thing is to consider the winter factor!

Add to this that running 33 km in the dark in winter conditions is a whole different challenge than a road race in summer! Runners should be used to running long distances but also to perform a significant cardiovascular effort in the cold. Several runners used to run ultra marathons told us that the CRYO Races were the most difficult race they had done.

If the 33 km challenge seems too important, do not hesitate to start this year with the Micro-CRYO (13 km) to better understand what the Crossing challenge represents and to prepare well for the next edition…

What is the course like?

For the Crossing and the Micro-Cryo, it is a flat and linear course where the technical difficulty lies in the snowy surface. For several days before the event, the surface is mechanically maintained to offer you the best possible conditions. That said, the cold, the sun and the accumulations of snow in the hours preceding the start signal can make the challenge increase a notch!

How can I prepare correctly to be physically ready to complete this challenge?

As the CRYO Races represent an important physical challenge, it is more than relevant to start training several weeks in advance in order to « be on top of your game » to complete the challenge. To support you in this training, we invite you to download the training programs prepared by Le coaching du coureur.

Do we have to use racing snowshoes?

Racing snowshoes are not compulsory, but strongly recommended. Indeed, everything depends on the weather and the order of passage of the runners. Depending on the weather during the event, it is possible that the circuit is very hard and that the snowshoes are only useful for the last few runners. On the other hand, it is also possible that the circuit is difficult for all and that even the leading runners have to use them.

What is the weather like at this time of year on the lake?

The average temperature for the month of February at Lac Saint-Jean is -8.6° C during the day and -19.3° C at night, with low winds coming from the west. However, the worst temperatures recorded send chills up anyone’s spine: winds up to 80 km/h and a minimum of -39° C not including the wind chill factor. Prepare yourself to face all possible conditions.

Are the races happening whatever the weather?

The Crossing and Micro-CRYO circuits will be modified in the event of too difficult weather conditions. For example, instead of crossing the lake, the circuits could be done on a 10 km loop, starting from Roberval, still on Lac St-Jean.

The Crossing and the Micro-CRYO will only be cancelled if the weather puts the participants in danger.

For the Crossing to GO and the CRYO at home, participants can adapt their departure time according to the weather in the event of a problem or could even, if necessary, postpone their departure until the next day.

How do you keep us secure on the lake?

Your safety is our priority and we make every effort to ensure that you have a pleasant and enjoyable experience in a safe environment. First of all, we strongly invite participants to have an outfit as colorful and fluorescent as possible, with reflective stripes.

Furthermore, snowmobile crews will be responsible for closing the circuit and patrollers will be on the trail throughout the event. Medical teams will be positioned at different places on the circuit. Participants will receive further information in the Participant’s Guide.

Are there prices for the ones coming in first?

The Crossing and the Micro-CRYO are timed races.

There will be an award ceremony for the first three in each following category :

  • The Crossing / Men
  • The Crossing / Women
  • The Micro-CRYO / Men
  • The Micro-CRYO / Women
How to donate for the fundraising?

Donations can be handled in three ways : In cash, by cheque or by credit card. In any case, tax receipts may be issued for donations of $20 or more.

For donations in cash or by cheque

First of all, ask the donor if he wants a tax receipt. If so, write down all the necessary information (complete name, address, postal code, phone number and email).

Then, send us the money using one of this method :

  1. Send cheques and informations by mail and make a postal voucher with the money (fees possible)
  2. Make a deposit in a financial institution using the foundations’ banking information (send us an email at to get them).
  3. Make an interac transfer at using the answer DONS at a password. If a donor wants a tax receipt, send us his information at

For donations by credit card

Invite donors to make their donation online, on your profile.

How to have a successful fundraising?

To start the race, it is essential to have completed your fundraising campaign. Here are some tips to get there!

  • Update your profile on the CRYO Racing Events’ website : add a photo and explain why you are participating;
  • Be your first donor;
  • Regularly share your profile on your different social networks;
  • Make yourself an email signature that invites people to cheer you on in your On the Tip of the Toes campaign;
  • Do some reading about the On the Tip of the toes foundation. To obtain donations, you must know how to explain the cause;
  • Invite your employer to double the donations collected at work;
  • For your birthday or Christmas, encourage people to give you money for the On the Tip of the Toes Foundation instead of giving you a present;
  • Get people to talk about you: Take pictures during training and share them; Draw attention to your actions to collect donations, be colorful, be creative and share your photos; Create a short video of yoursefld that explains why you participate in CRYO Racing Events.
What is the reimbursement policy?

Before the start of the races, in case of major force situation (weather conditions preventing the practice of running or impossibility to hold an event because of sanitary measures) forcing the CRYO Racing events’ organization to cancel the event, 60% of the registration fee will be refunded. Donations raised in the name of the On the Tip of the Toes Foundation will not be reimbursed.

During the races, in the event of the weather conditions that entail risks for the participants, the CRYO Racing Events’ organization can stop the race. In this case, the athlete arriving at a refreshment or control point must follow the instructions given by the volunteers and will have the obligation to respect them. No refund can be claimed.

Click here to read our complete cancellation policy.

Will the vaccinal passport be mandatory?

We will follow the indications of Public Health throughout the event. If, in February 2022, Public Health requests the vaccination passport for the event, we will follow this requirement and respect all the health measures in force. Runners will be informed by email in the days/weeks preceding the event.

I am not able to complete my online registration; what can I do?

Please contact for all your concerns regarding registration. It will be our pleasure to guide you.