The Express (12km)

Brave the lake in winter

The Micro-CRYO is the ideal introduction before tackling the SUNNY Traverse in the future. In this event, athletes face the challenge of running in winter, in the dark, on the magnificent Lac St-Jean. Under a starlit sky, hearing only the sound of their footsteps in the snow, participants will enjoy a truly exotic experience.

The Micro-CRYO will start at the Village sur glace in Roberval and finish at Chalets et Spa Lac Saint-Jean in Chambord under the cover of darkness. Athletes will use the same groomed and marked track as Traversées athletes.

Participants have a maximum of 2 hours to complete the Micro-CRYO. No selection criteria are required. However, running on a frozen lake in the middle of winter and at dusk represents a major challenge that really shouldn’t be overlooked, and is nothing like a trail or road race in terms of the effort required and the mental strength required. Weather conditions can deteriorate rapidly in the early evening, providing an extra challenge for athletes.

Each participant is commited to raising $500 in donations for the On the Tip of the Toes Foundation, which changes the lives of young cancer patients by offering them the chance to take part in a therapeutic adventure expedition. Please note that fundraising is mandatory. Only participants who have completed 100% of their fundraising will be able to set off on February 24.

In all, a maximum of 100 people will have the chance to take up this challenge next February.

Are you ready to brave the night, the cold, the lake?

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“Honestly, this race is special. There’s no other race like it.
You finish it and say to yourself: OK, that’s enough, I’ve done it!
But you still come back, attracted by the unique experience that the Lac provides.
The organization is truly extraordinary. Despite the great challenge, we feel safe at all times.”

Pier-Charles Boily, participant in the Micro-CRYO (13km) in 2023