The Fat-lac! (33km)

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Defying the Lake during winter

Crossing Lac St-Jean propelled solely by human power is practically a myth. Knowing that it had already been tamed by swimmers, a group of Jeannois decided to conquer it on their bikes… As a result of this extraordinary adventure, a growing number of enthusiastic cyclists joined the original group. Together, they will create a true classic now enjoyed by adventurers from all over the world…

And, perhaps more importantly, these pioneers of “cycling on the lake” will have paved the way for a major metamorphosis: cycling across Lac St-Jean will now allow young people with cancer to also complete the crossing of an ordeal that sometimes seems insurmountable to them, that of the disease.

The Fat-Lac!, presented by Cycles Devinci, represents a unique opportunity: to ride a bike on the majestic Lac St-Jean, in the middle of winter, under the light of dawn. The Fat-Lac Adventure! begins on the municipal beach of St-Gédéon in the early morning. The participants then cover the distance on a groomed and marked Trail, with food and drinks stations, which will lead them to a grand finale at the Roberval Village sur glace.

Participants have a maximum of 5 hours to complete the Fat-Lac!

Each participant undertakes to raising funds for the On the Tip of the Toes Foundation, which helps young people with cancer to recover their well-being. In all, a maximum of 100 people will have the chance to take up this challenge on February 19.

Are you ready to brave the night, the cold, the lake?

To participate

Participants must pay a registration fee of 100$ in addition to raising a minimum of $1000 in donations.

Tax receipts may be issued for donations of $20 or more.

Only participants who have completed their fundraising campaign will be able to start.