Prepare yourself to conquer the lake

Thanks to the collaboration of the Clinique Lambert Physio and United for sport, you will be in good hands for your physical preparation for the 10km or 32km event on Lake Saint-Jean.


Mathieu Blanchard (elite runner – or passionate runner as he would say!) explains how to read your training plan and gives you his advice on how to effectively prepare for an optimal experience on race day. The webinar is available in French only. If you have any questions, you can click here to contact United for sport by email.


The programs were designed by Mathieu Blanchard. Mathieu is one of the best ultra trail runners in the world and he runs almost 100 km per week in winter. The training plans proposed therefore reflect his experience and are well suited to this unique winter event.

All programs are 10 weeks long and start on December 16, 2019. For each distance, two versions are available to accommodate athletes of different levels. Refer to the first page of each plan to make sure it is appropriate for your level of experience.