The sound of lake Saint-Jean

December 22, 2020

In our region, we are known for being great partiers. We like to dance and sing to the sound of local artists. Have you ever wondered what’s the sound of the lake like? Well, it cannot be described! It’s tunes from all genres that have one thing in common, they are sung and played by passionate people.  Most of our local artist sings in French and they have a tendency to embrace their accent, which might make it hard to capture every word… But you’ll get the big picture!

To understand a little the local vibe, you have to start with Sara Dufour. With a country melody, Sara will introduce you to the joys of winter at the lake. You can listen to it  while getting dressed to go for a run on a really cold day!


Traditional music in Quebec is not all about the Bottine Souriante! At the lake, we have Dâvi Simard, the fiddler who stamps his foot like no other. During the holidays, forget about Maria Carey and listen to Davi while admiring the snow fall. Trust us, you’ll spend a wonderful 4 minutes!


Straight out of Saint-Prime, it is with a melancholy sound that Gab Bouchard will accompany you on your return from a long run under the stars. It’s the song that best describes how we felt when we told you that this year we wouldn’t be able to welcome you to our home … But hey … we’ll welcome you back next year!


We take a little detour through Saguenay to make you discover the candour of Chassepareil, which mixes a lexicon from the forest with that of the big city. To be listened to with a hot beverage in hand, standing against the heater.


The Escalier is a tribute to your running partner with whom you are always ready to go on an adventure. To that person who tells you “It’s -25, do you want to come running with me?” and you answer him “Yep, it’s clear we’re going to have fun!”


We leave sad songs behind to offer you one that’s quite strange! You’ll find Alma’s directory on a rhythm that is both psychedelic and lively.


It’s Redneck …. on a Bluegrass beat .. no more complicated than that. When you’re alone in your car heading for the most beautiful trails in your region, put this on! (be careful, the first three seconds are intense!)

… and because they have just released a new album, we offer you another one that completes our list perfectly!