5 TIPS to run a SUCCESSFUL campaign

September 11, 2019

You just registered for the CRYO Races and your first reflex is to type in Google “how to run a successful fundraising campaign in the blink of an eye?”. Do not worry, we’re here for you!

1. YOUR PROFILE MUST stand out

We agree that your CRYO Races profile is not a Tinder profile. You still have to think about the way you want to introduce yourself. Choose a photo of you in action, explain how the mission of the foundation touches you and do not hesitate to share your fears and aspirations for the crossing of Lake Saint-Jean.


Be your first donor! It’s simple and it encourages others to embark. It’s oddly embarrassing to be the first and so inviting to be the 272nd!

If you jump, I jump – Jack, Titanic 1997

3. On the tip of what?

Take the time to discover the foundation. Before inviting anyone to donate, let us touch YOUR heart. Watch this short video (and all the others if you wish), close your eyes for a few seconds and imagine yourself a few months before your graduation, having to start treatments to conquer your cancer …

4. Convince your BOSS

Invite your employer to encourage you and help young people with cancer to develop their potential. Challenge him to double the sum!

5. BE different!

To be successful in your campaign, you have to talk about yourself. Everyone will give their campaign a unique touch. The important thing is to vary the messages and approaches to try to reach a wider variety of people. Go for a video of you during training, a photo of the thermometer while you train on January 1st, a testimony of a young cancer fighter or even an autographed photo of your calf in exchange for a toonie.

If you’re planning an activity, be it a happy hour or a spaghetti dinner, call us! We can offer you tools and visual support.